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Here at Rinqe, we wanted to create a place where you can immerse yourself in stories, by creating content, or watching it. Where it's so simple to build and engage with your own community, and where you can empower others to be their best selves.

Brands, influencers, enhusiasts, educators... there is something here for everyone. Chat with your followers in real time, use the analytics functionality and A.I. deep learning to find out exactly what your fans want, and join us as we build the Rinqe community.


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Property TV

We Are Property

Property TV will take you on a journey. From buying, to selling, to renovating your home. Watch as we go behind the scenes when sellers panic, and real estate agents have had enough. Awesome viewing, great entertainment. You can find it all right here, on Property TV.

It's so good, that in just 18 months, Property TV has gained more than 3 million viewers. Everyone watches...  buyers, sellers, property academics, property professionals, home improvement experts and property enthusiasts. Happy Viewing!



Put yourself first!

Influencers Rock

"My Life's Little Tricks" follows Sophie Monk and her gang around downtown LA. If you love glitz and glamour, this is the girl you should follow. Loud, brash and always entertaining.. Sophie rocks LA. 



Turbo TV


Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, McLaren's and more. Watch the race, and watch the drivers as they take you for a close up in the pitts, and show you how to drive faster than you should. You can even find the classics right here, and chat to other enthusiasts in real time while you watch.

All that and the latest in automotive technology, coming up on SuperCharged TV,



Live your best game


Bringing Game is where the gamers live. Watch your fav gamers, and chat to them in real time. Get their tips and find out the tricks of the trade, right here on Bringing Game.

And it's going to get even better... by 2023, PwC says the segment will be the main media leader by more than 10x. Come along for the ride!



Indulge Yourself

Luxury Lives Here

Luxury and everything that goes along with that, is seen as elite, and often elusive. Unique and private clubs that only a few can afford to join. On "Sheer Luxe", you can have a birds eye view of the journey. See how the millionaires really live, and fire up the power of your dreams.




“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin

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